RBR!!! Nonito Donaire (WBA 'Super') vs. Naoya Inoue (IBF & WBA 'Regular') - November 7th 2019

Donaire vs. Inoue Winner and How?

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  • Naoya Inoue Stoppage

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May 17, 2013

Everything before, during and after this fight.... Just perfect.

Tip of the hat to Inoue for letting Donaire show his sons that trophy-----even though it slipped through Donito's hands after a valiant effort.

He went out with a bang and not a whimper like Tyson did against Holyfield with that ear biting incident to get DQ'd.
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Jul 6, 2019
Finally caught up with this. A great fight, and great advert for the sport. The WBSS just keeps delivering, hope we see more series after this.

Two great warriors. Both showed skill, heart and power in the ring, and class and sportsmanship outside it. Fantastic.


May 16, 2013

Watched the highlights, thought Inoue would steam roll over Donaire but Donaire came to fight and bullied Inoue on occasions. Great fight and great respect between both fighters.
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Jul 6, 2019
8 lbs is like 7% of his current bodyweight, that's huge. It's not like he's Andy Ruiz or something.

Also he started at Fly, Walters started at Feather, and Walters could really crack.

Inoue is the bigger puncher pfp, the better boxer, and has more fighting spirit to boot.
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