Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris

Jun 23, 2017
Beautiful building, one of my favourites in Paris.

Seeing a national icon like that go up in smoke is pretty shitty.
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Jun 3, 2012
Reuters news agency is quoting an official with the French firefighting team as saying: "We can now say that the structure of Notre-Dame has been saved from total destruction".

Still, gonna be a total mess.
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Jun 28, 2013
Some of the architecture inside these almost 800 - 1000 year old cathedrals across Europe is incredible. The craftmanship back then was something else. When those Ruskies poisoned that spy in Salisbury, I knew nothing about the cathedral there. I looked it up and was amazed by the architecture. And that's just a relatively unknown one. Then you think about Notre Dame, St Peter's Basilica, Duomo in Milan and see how intricate the craftmanship inside them also, it's just on another level. In regards to architecture, no comparison between mosques and cathedrals imo.
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