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Jun 1, 2012
United Kingdom
So it's starting to look like the biggest game at last year's evil might not be at next years evo.

Will be the first time I've ever heard of a fighting game, particularly one this popular, be brought down by the company they're be licensing the rights from.
Tragic. But I expect a resolution of some kind. Too much money to be made for a season 2.

I’ll probably be maining MK 11 next year anyway


Jun 3, 2012
I'm not really a gamer in the sense I haven't really played anything save a handful of MMOs, been away from those for about 2 years now but got the itch after reading about classic WOW coming next year so I tuned up the old comp and downloaded guild wars 2 again, damn it's fun!
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chick =Krisztina Polgar
May 9, 2013
Hella late, but this is why Tekken is unquestionably the greatest

mother.... fucking... PANDA. No other game has had this kind of madness so consistently. Lili, Panda, americans making top 8 winners at evo, so goddamned good.
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"Messkin" Deebo
Jun 5, 2013
Show dem balls bro
Wild time in Sea of Thieves last night. Our entire server was divided into two alliances, and were terrible hostile towards each other. All in all I think we sank each other's ships at least 100 times. Got nothing done accomplishment wise. Just murder. All in all it was a good session.
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chick =Krisztina Polgar
May 9, 2013
Finally started playing valkyria chronicles 4, loved the first one so far I love this one.