Official NFL 2020(maybe?) season thread

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Jun 10, 2013
This bullshit is what annoys me about the NFL. If you look on reddit's NFL page and the game thread, not one non-Packer fan is saying it was the right call and yet there's no accountability for these decisions. You get idiots like Aikman saying "the defence had their chance"...yeah, they had their chance and they took it because they stopped Green Bay from going a full 10 yards. Why are these decisions excused so easily by the NFL? It's a joke. Green Bay always seem to benefit too and the worst game I've ever seen called was their farce against the Lions earlier in the season.
GB wasn't credited with a fumble recovery early in the game using the same threshold.
May 17, 2013
Well, the Titans came into Kansas City two years ago and eliminated the Chiefs from the playoffs at Arrowhead, 22-21, then beat them in Tennessee earlier this year, 35-32 behind Derrick Henry's 23 runs for 188 yards and 2 TDs, despite Mahomes going 36-50 for 446 and 3 TDs.

KC just produced only the fourth home playoff win of their 60 year franchise. History is NOT on the Chiefs side next week, with respect to recent Titans history, or their now 4-7 home playoff record.

Leave it to a Pats partisan to know all about winning three home playoff games to get to the Super Bowl !

In 1985, New England got to SB XX by eliminating the Jets at Giants Stadium, the Raiders in Los Angeles, then the Dolphins in Miami.

Then in 2007, the Giants won road playoff games in Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay before blocking a perfect season for the Pats by winning SB XLII, so no history remains to be made on becoming SB Champions after winning three road playoff games.

I stand corrected.:cheers
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Mar 12, 2015
Chiefs on form are the best team to watch in the nfl.

They are a nightmare matchup for anybody offensively.

I'm still not even sure if the packers are good this season, they just seem so..... Not good at times but keep getting the job done.
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May 22, 2013
Make East Oakland Great Again
After reading up on this play, Seattle may have been cheated.
That's the unofficial marker for the visiting side/fans/TV viewers. They are eyeballed off of the official markers, 160' away on the home team sideline...which is where the yellow line is drawn from as well. That was not the chain side marker, that pole was also an estimation of the position on the actual chains.

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May 16, 2013
You got that right, the Ravens losing was a stunner.
Yes sir i always thought we were a bit limited in terms of creativity in offence this season everything went through the middle And we just looked shook in this game
Fair play to the Tennessee henrys
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