Oleksandr Usyk vs. Carlos Takam - May 25th 2019

Uysk vs. Takam Winner and How?

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Jun 6, 2013
I knew Hunter's best win would be Bakole, though. Ustinov was a solid name, but Bakole was a young up-and-coming HW. He got a pretty big push, but people seem to have forgotten as soon as he lost to Hunter.
People seem to have forgotten that Bakole injured his shoulder halfway through that fight. (And was most likely injured going INTO that fight.)

I'm not knocking Hunter's effort, which was solid & reasonably skillful, but IMO a healthy Bokole would take him out early, and with ease.

Of course, I happen to really REALLY like Bakole, (as you know) despite him sometimes looking a little uninspired.
(and despite him desperately needing a better jab)