One Loss and Done

Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
What fighters can you think of that went unbeaten, lost once, and then promptly retired?

For example, Yuri Arbachakov went to 23-0, lost in a rematch against Chatchai Sasakul, and bowed out with a 23-1 record.
Jun 6, 2012
Gary Mason came to mind, but he did have two low keys bouts after losing to Lennox.
Sep 22, 2014
Naseem Hamed was screwed after the MAB fight. The Calvo fight was 10 months after, but the retirement should have come ten minutes after Barrera...god I was sick after the Barrera fight.
Funnily enough, I was jumping up and down on my sofa after the Barrera fight. Hated, hated, hated Hamed and had long said “if he fights a Barrera or Morales type they’d show his style up for the technical retardedness
it was.

Was so happy it finally happened.
Apr 19, 2014
Ricky Eccleston was 9-0 before facing then 8-4 Jimmy Beech (Son now boxes under MTK), Beech flattened him, Eccleston had one fight the next year against 9-7 Mark Haslam then never fought again. So technically not one loss and done but I think more or less counts


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May 8, 2016
Faruq Saleem was a Heavyweight with a heavily padded record . A decade or so ago.

Was guided by the colourful Butch Lewis who was better known as the manager of the spinks Brothers.

He had 38 wins in a row lost once and that was that.
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May 8, 2016
Roman Greenberg was an Israeli Heavyweight, a decade or so ago won 27 fights was based in U.K. for a few years and then New York nicknamed the Lion of Zion ...being Jewish got a lot of press attention.
in his first steup up got hammered by Cedric Boswell. And never fought again.
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May 8, 2016
I will give an honorable mention to Alonzo Highsmith he was a famous NFL player he switched to boxing after suffering knee injuries.

He fought a series of tomatoe cans to build a record of 27 wins.

He lost to a journeyman with 7 wins 22 losses. However he did have one final fight against a better known Journeyman Reggie Miller which resulted in a draw. And promptly retired.

As a bit of trivia the journeyman Reggie Miller was a well schooled boxer who could have been a contender with more discipline started his career at Welterweight winning his first 13 in a row. He fought the likes of Marlon Starling and Mark Breland , as a middleweight he fought Nigel Benn , Michael Watson, Sumbu Kalambay and Roy Jones jnr. Before ending his journey at Heavyweight.
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R.I.P. Joe Rein
May 24, 2013
Jeff Lacey was done after his pasting by our Joe
I fully agree with you, but I also think Jeff Lacy was made up to be something he wasn't really. 'Mini Mike Tyson', nah, he was nothing close to that.

edit: Jeff Lacy didn't have one credible W on his record before Joe.

Scott Pemberton - no
Omar Sheika - no
Robin Reid - no

I'm not entirely sure if Lacy was Joe's mando. Irrespective, it doesn't matter.
Jun 1, 2013
Guy called Janos Nagy, built up his mandatory position fighting in Hungary (including 2 wins over his best opponent Julio Pablo Chacon), earns a WBO mandatory against Jorge Rodrigo Barrios in LA on HBO, gets blown out with a body shot in the first minute without landing a punch, never fights again.
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May 23, 2018
really struggling to think of any one loss and retire. closest i got is Rob Mcracken, lost at challenging for title then lost the next and final fight
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