Organising Digital Photos

Jul 24, 2012
I'm terrible with this, I use an iPhone 8 (or something) and rarely remember to import my photos so I have random folders full of photos from various cameras and phones over the years, fuckin scattered all over the place... in my Pictures folder, in my Dropbox folder in an unorganised mess e.g. I'll have an "images" folder, plus a "photos" folder and "pictures" folder alongside a Dropbox generated "camera uploads" folder... and that's just mine, never mind other people in the house uploading their photos to my laptop.

Cunt of a thing.

So, I'm thinking of trying to copy every photo I have into one central folder and using some software like Adobe LightRoom to organise it all.

Anyone into photography (or just people who are organised) that has some decent advise on how to store, organise and back-up all their old photos?

I definitely want to use cloud storage to avoid my laptop dying and wiping them all out.

Clarence Worley

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Nov 19, 2018
shame this thread never took off.

I have specific folders that helps but really its a mess as i import stuff from about 5 devices and its all over the place really

also finding the pic i want takes an age when i'm trolling twitter - some indexing app would be cool.


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May 8, 2013
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Doesn't IrfanView do indexing? I downloaded it ages ago but, in common with a lot of programmes I've got, I have never really used it. Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong programme.

Personally, I'm only organised in as much as I've got folders containing images from particular events or timeframes. Sometimes I'll do it by type. For example, a macro photography folder with a bunch of sub directories in it.