Peaky Blinders -- Season 5 Starts August 25

May 19, 2013
Right, just finished season 4, I'm all up to date.

Tom Hardy definitely toned it back a bit in season 3 and 4. His character was much more believable and understated as the seasons went on.
Aug 16, 2013
I really like S5 so far. I like the Mosley character and that element of political manoeuvering. Arthur is interesting as always.

What I wasn't so sure about was the Billy Boys coming to Birmingham to discuss truce. What a huge risk for them to take, when they are supposedly at war and Abramha has a bullet with their names on it.

Also, anybody else wondering what happened to John's kids and Esme?
Jun 6, 2012
Watched the five of them over the last two nights, and its built nicely.

Hope theyve got a good reason for breaking out the mental case though, he must have been introduced for more than being a good shot.

Presuming Ed

Cobra Kai
Oct 17, 2017
Have they even bothered mentioning that he was in Ireland post WWI and was a massive supporter of the Irish and outright enemy of the Black and Tans. Shouldn't have thought so.