PEDs for white collar boxing

Jul 29, 2014
I don't know but hopefully you don't come up against me. I want fair fight! at this level I think it is a bit extreme to be taking PED'S for a 3 x 2 min rounder?

I'd guess maybe EPO though if you really wanted to try something?
Jun 25, 2017
Only need a fair advantage for something like this;

1. Go to a boxing gym regularly while training for your contest.
2. Be absolute in your diet / training
3. Take time off work 3-4 weeks before fight to "live the life" before tapering down

tbh, if your opponent is doing all the above fair play - but from guys I've known do this type of thing, they feel going to the mandatory training session is an achievement.

Unfairly... if you got the resources, had planned it months in advance and happy to do it (??!!!? if are, should get into non-contact sports) you should definitely gone with testosterone, could went further with HGH and DHEA. To make weight; thyroid hormones and HCG.
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