Percentage talk unimportant. If two men want to fight they will

Oct 29, 2018

"Me and him (AJ) have to fight and I would like it to be in Las Vegas because it is the Mecca of boxing, where the biggest fights have happened for years.

"I am not really interested in the business bulls*** of it all. Percentages are not why these big fights don’t happen.

"These massive fights don’t happen because one of the fighters doesn’t want to fight. When you have two men who really want to fight, the percentages will always get worked out.

"But when you have one man who wants to fight and one man who doesn’t, he will use percentages.

"Anything can happen when both parties are willing to sit down and make it happen. All this percentage talk is really unimportant.

"If a couple of per cent here or there is that important to your life, then you are in the wrong job for sure."
Jun 4, 2013
Pisses me off about modern boxing. These Eastern Europeans up at CW and LHW don't fuck around. They make fights happen. Gvozdyk/Beterbiev didn't end up in a Twitter feud about percentages. These guys just made the fight and came to fight. Look at the CW tournament. Briedis and Usyk were fucking topping prospect lists, and I think people had Briedis lower top 10 p4p. They just met up and fought. It wasn't even a final or anything, it was a semi-final. Here, I thought they were the two best CW at the time too.
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You insulted him a little bit.
Jun 11, 2014
Round and about
"I am not really interested in the business bulls*** of it all".

That's bullshit in itself, all boxers are and why wouldn't they be.

AJ no fanboi has fought a whole lot more decent fighters in his 23 fights than Fury has in 29.