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Peter Hitchens: Fan or Not A Fan?

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May 21, 2013
admittedly ive had little exposure to him but from what ive seen and heard he strikes me as a bit like chomsky in that hes clearly an extremely well read person that isnt himself particularly smart or insightful. His brother was also extremely well read but also frighteningly intelligent in his own right. peter just seems a cheap knock off regurgitating opinions he read elsewhere. i will watch more of him though and i hope im wrong


That's a Davvers promise!!!
May 24, 2013
I have been following Brendan O'Neill throughout coronavirus and a bigger twat you will not meet.
Mar 5, 2017
Morgan and Hitchens are perfect examples of the two extremes during this crisis.

Hitchens, who sees himself as a rational skeptic, completely ignoring the mountains of available data, such as this:

and still peddling 'it's just the flu' line because he won't admit to being wrong.

And then Morgan on his loud-mouthed, sensationalist, holier than thou crusade designed to whip up fear and anger, while he lives out some authoritarian, post-apocalyptic wet dream. Tweeting stuff like this for example:

"Our NHS heroes are being slaughtered " ffs.:patsch

But the galling thing is neither of them are doing this because they actually give a shit, but entirely to stroke their own egos.