Physical Attractiveness: How far outside "class" can someone punch?

Slick Ric

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Apr 7, 2015
I think it’s far more common for females to punch well above their weight than vice versa, outside of obvious gold digging situations anyway.
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Apr 7, 2014
Model-type women tend to go for things that are a little different from the most physically attractive man they can find.

Being tall is usually mandatory. They are more judgmental about fashion than other women. They like men with artistic capacity because they generally are more artisy than most people. They also tend to envy men with stable careers.

A man who is a 7 can pull a model if the other things are in order.

Fitness models are a different game completely.
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May 16, 2013
I think where you are from makes a big difference. Racial demographics also can play a role.

On the where you're from part. I've seen hideous dudes from shitty little areas pull some stunners. If you're on some mountain in West Virginia there's a surplus of attractive women.

On the racial side of things, black dudes have a huge advantage. Most black women have no interest in white men at all. If you're a fairly successful black man in your 30s or 40s you're in the upper echelon and can have your pick for the most part.

Obviously that last part is loaded with stereotype and generalization but there's been books written studies done, etc.