Pictures of your pets!


Jun 3, 2012
I can't find the old pet thread so I'm just gonna make another one, post some pics of your pooches or even your filthy cats if you like, here goes:

Senior citizen on adventures (my 16year old dog)

I'm going on an adventure!!!

Posing for the camera looking cool

and happy!

found a stick

got brushed (don't like, get off me filthy human) but guarded daddy's beer anyway cause he's alright

bit windy and I got an underbite ok!

climbing mount everest or something

reached the summit!

that's all piss out

Jun 9, 2013
Fucking cool dog. Staffy/Staffy cross?
American Bulldog cross red nose. He's a daft bastard but he's my boy. He loves rough playfighting a bit too much for some other dogs to handle so have to keep a watch on that to avoid a real fight situation but otherwise he's sound.
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