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Jun 12, 2012
The link to the Norwegian Defense magazine article (page 80) https://forsvaretsforum.no/ForumDocuments/F2 2017.pdf

I do speak Viking but can't be arsed to translate all that, but google translate does an somewhat decent job

Four out of five navigators on the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad are women.
- It is an advantage to be many women
on board. It will be right away
a natural thing and quite
different environment that I look at
as positive, says Lieutenant Iselin
Emilie Jakobsen Ophus (picture).
She is a navigation officer
KNM Helge Ingstad.
On exercise. Frigate KNM Helge Ingstad left
quay on Haakonsvern Monday 6 March and sat
course towards the northern sea areas to participate
Exercise Joint Viking 2017. Four women are on the bridge
ready to tackle the challenges ahead.
The Navy receives a much higher number
women after the general duty of protection became
introduced. More women are therefore also getting bigger
degree motivated for further career in the Armed Forces.
- It started with that I wanted to make the best out
of my first-time service and went to the boarding school.
After that, I really just got more motivated
to a career in the Navy and therefore went on
The naval school, Ophus tells.
- You always become a pussy to challenge yourself
yourself, through the situations you come up in and
the people you surround yourself with. I usually describe
what you become a kind of "master junky" -
one always has the desire to move on
and get better, says Ophus.
She thrives well as a navigational officer
- There has always been a perception of that
The defense is characterized by a very masculine environment,
And that is true in many ways. That's the most
men in the defense, but for me it is important to
show that one does not have to be "one of the guys" to
acquire a role in the Armed Forces. Finding their place
should not be at the expense of being a woman,
says Ophus.
Opinion. The general duty of protection helps
to level out the relationship and reach more women
can work together, it becomes one easier to
settle and be able to create a more balanced one
- It is important that the integration of women
must work at all stages: from officers and constables,
to privates, says Ophus and adds:
- The most important thing for me is that my job gives
meaning that one works for something bigger than himself
Challenging. Exercise The Joint Viking 2017 was completed
6.-15. March in Finnmark. Then it fit
nice that the women's day was celebrated during the exercise it
March 8.
One of the Navy's main tasks is to
guard the northern waters and on board
The frigates have a lot of focus on anti-air and
underwater warfare.
- My job is to make sure things are moving around
up on the bridge. It is important to ensure that good training
being given and working together as good
support and resource for the rest of the crew, says
The Finnmark coast is a challenging place to
drive operations for a warship. Changing and
violent conditions have added an extra touch
Unlike the other vessels in the Navy
the frigates do not have the same opportunity to
"Hide" in the inner sheath.
- Of course it goes beyond the crew.
It changes quickly from fine to clear winter weather
storm, and you get tired of it. At the same time it is
necessary that we know our entire coast and
which trials may appear. The waters
and the weather is changing, and it is important to experience
in practice, says Ophus.
Press and information assistant
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