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Jun 7, 2013
Labeling someone Anti semitic without disproving facts is a great gauge for intellect.
Dude, what fcats? This bs that you can't criticize jews is very old. The difference between anti-Smeitic and not Anti-Semitic criticism is what you are inferring in your criticism and what you are basing it on. Example:
I am criticizing jews for: "Having owned slaves in pro slave societies. Not taking a stand for slavery even though they were a minority themselves"
This is not Anti-Semitic. What is though is when you inferring: "I can't criticize them because jewish controlled media will silence me"(no they won't and media isn't controlled by Jews, not by a long shot) or "Jews inherently bad because of this" .
In video I quoted the guy says that you are allowed and celebrated for trashing white people but not jews. This is a strawman that usually used by far right or alt right idiots.
  1. No sane person celebrate "all white people are trash/evil" nonsense coming from some black activists. This is dumb and racist and most of the people, barring few idiots, agree on this. All in all this is super dumb strawman argument" "You are celebrated for criticizing white people but for Jews you are punished". This is exactly what alt-right idiots say. It usually leads to jews push for diversity in order to hurt white people, Or jews control media/narrative to protect themselves.
  2. "White people" in general is not an identity group. And no one feels threatened when dumbass verbally attacks "all white people", this is dumb but no one will lose sleep over this. But racial\ethnic minorities are nervous when their specific groups are target of bs and conspiratorial accusations. Reason for this, there where many violent attacks on these groups motivated by bs reasoning like this. For example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Heights_riot
Forget about Jews for a second. let's imagine people where saying same shit about Sikh community, or Korean. What other Ethnic group gets so many "criticism" thrown their way? Why you have to mention this group specifically to make your argument? Is their specific reason or a point to it? Does it adds anything to your argument or you just want to mention them?
People bring Jews in conversation out of nowhere and act surprised when people raise brow? Give me a brake.