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Jun 3, 2012
What’s the current stats? I bet it’s moved up a fair bit. That was in March.
Was kinda wondering if there was anything that was accurate on that one and what those numbers actually represent because 56 deaths per day worldwide has probably not been true of covid a single day this year heck that number was doubled and tripled daily in multiple smaller populated European countries alone, in Sweden we had about 150deaths per day at it's worst from a nation of only 10million.
May 17, 2013
9 kicks to the head, wonder if he's dead
And that's only the kicks you could count before the video stopped. I have a feeling there were more.

Dumb ass brings a gun and gets beat down by fists. Looks like a life of crime for him is going to be short lived------if he even lived past that attempt.

At the very least, he'll likely have some missing teeth and "Dain Bramage".
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