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May 31, 2012
Guys, this has been overwhelming how many people have joined, and are using and enjoying this place. It's great to see.

Right now, my pm inbox, and my notifications (quotes/@mentions) are getting to nearly 50 a day. Nearly all of these are questions/suggestions/problems that can be solved by any other moderator or admin.

I've got no problem helping anyone out with anything, but, every minute I spend on these problems are minutes I can't spend on other tasks that improve the forums, the new frontpage, and other projects. It's not an exaggeration to say that between keeping up with all the threads, reading/responding to pm's, notifications etc. that I can lose several hours of my life and actually get nothing done.

Moderators can do far more than they can on other forums, thanks to some backend work I did. (Yes, I like to plug my work :smile) Username changes, usergroup changes (i.e. adding to 18+ forum), pretty much anything that I can do from an end-user (you guys) perspective.

Admins can do a few extra things like delve into your account properties to test and fix things, such as unsubscribing you from threads that you're already subscribed to and receiving emails from (it's actually dead easy, just go to subscriptions in your settings page, select all, then in the dropdown box beneath, select the one that says "no email, control panel only", change email settings to control panel only, and you're done.).

This doesn't mean I don't want anyone to contact me/quote me etc. if it's something that you want to speak to me directly about, sure thing. Same for if it's general chat etc. It's just a case of - can someone else help me with whatever it is I need? If the answer is yes, and they show up as online at the bottom (some of the admins browse under their real accounts as hidden, but there's nearly always at least a few of us online/around), just contact them instead. Likely to be a faster response.

The more I get, the more likely I am to be burnt out at a faster pace, which is not something I want to happen.

Anyone have any questions on who the staff team are:

Thought it would be a good idea to have a post explaining exactly who does what on this site, for people who haven't been here long or even long time posters who don't really know what all the people with coloured usernames do. It also explains who to contact/alert if there's a problem on the forum.

Moderators (Orange names) - @Pabby, @Lunny, @Bryn, @Flea Man and @GazOC. They ban people, move threads etc. Grass roots shit. Shout out these guys. Contact them if you need something like that to be done (The @ before their username will notify them and link them to the post)

Admins (Pink names) - @Rick Ross, @Ra's al Ghul, @Rorschach, and many others. We like having aliases. But we're more the behind the scenes guys that work on trying to improve this place. We're working on a new front page design right now which should be sweet when it's done. If you have an issue that's more to do with the technical side of the site, or a personal dispute or anything like that, tag or PM one of us.

Owner - @Jay. I don't need to say any more than this, really: :jay

Others - Blue usernames are the front page editors (@Wallet, @Roe) and green names are writers. Red names are Gulag prisoners (temporary bans, essentially) and we often delete permabanned accounts, so their old posts will not link to any profile.
Thanks again guys!

(I fully expect everyone (i.e. nuff) to mention me in every post now just to irritate me :lol:)
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