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Porky Russ: Fan or Not A Fan?

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May 26, 2020
I see that fat bastard has Coca Cola logo in his background.... surely Coca Cola can’t waste their time sponsoring this fat useless bastard?!?? It’s not like he’s a big YouTuber? You know He’s just put that up behind him to pretend that’s he’s got sponsors and is big time..... can you imagine at Coca Cola headquarters, marketing department: junior new digital business executive: “hi yeah.... I’ve got this great YouTuber we should sponsor.... he’s a real character” [plays an episode] 5 seconds later. yank manager: “stop that. Right the fuk now. Seen enough. Who the fuk is this fat bastard? I can’t even understand WTF he’s saying dude.... I mean the Coke brand represents fun, vivaciousness, an active life.... why the fuk we want to show an obese red faced bastard who actually looks like he drinks 8 cokes a day? We want to make it aspirational dude”.... “er he’s really edgy and popular though!” “How many views he got man?” “Er he averages 1000 views a vid!” “You fukin serious?!!? How the fuk you got a job here, you’re fired you limey fuk! Get the fuk outta here and go start your own sh1t channel you can’t do any worse than that fat bum!”.....
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Send your postcode and I will travel to fight you
Sep 2, 2014
He bought some Whitney off my boy 2 weeks ago