May 31, 2012
This is the post of a man who will never have porridge.
Jun 2, 2012
I nearly choked on porridge via laughter earlier after reading [MENTION=213]Ilesey[/MENTION] 's pool story. I'm going to tell him that.
Jun 8, 2012
Thank you, [MENTION=33]AnthonyW[/MENTION]. You've always been there for me, my friend. It's been a tough day today and it's only 10:52. Everything is going tits up. I'm just going to go to bed and forget this day ever happened. If work call can you tell them that I can't be fucked. I'm sure they'll understand.

On a side note I had chocolate Cheerios for my breakfast today. And a coffee. It was lush.

My snooker cue is languishing in the hallway from last night. I can't look at it anymore. When my wife comes home from work, she'll have to put it away in the cupboard or something.

Next week we play Aberkenfig Cons Club away. They're good apparently.

C'mon Ilesey. Turn that upside down frown upside down.

Nah. Fuck it.

If anyone wants me I'll be in bed. That's not an invite [MENTION=277]Boxed Ears[/MENTION].
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