Pretty Sure No One Watching Oquendo vs. Herring RbR

Jun 4, 2013
I can't wait to see Kavaliauskas back in action. Gave Crawford a hell of a fight. Might've been too soon to have put him in that position.
Aug 19, 2020
United Kingdom
Did not watch the fight but people on Twitter seem to think Herring quit.
I just watched it now but I'd avoided this thread until afterwards so I didn't realise how it was going to end, I agree with the Twitter crowd, the champ suffered from heart failure from my vantage point but I don't believe the call of intentional foul was wrong, it wasn't as blatant as Victor Ortiz's but for me he looked to deliberately aim his head into the face of Jamel Herring, what I am dissastisfied with though is Oquendo suffering a point deduction and then subsequently a DQ for the same infringement, if the DQ was called immediately he would not have suffered a point deduction, I don't know how you can be punished twice for the same foul and I think that is what Bob Bennett was trying to say to Weeks but clearly the unified rules permit that course of action.

So I think rather than Weeks being the problem it's the rules, if an intentional foul doesn't immediately incapacitate the fighter and punishment is meted out (i.e. point deduction), then it should be written that a later stoppage due to the earlier foul should result in a technical decision.

That said, Oquendo would have lost on the scorecards anyway at that point so there really shouldn't be too much discord, he'd been dropped and lost the majority of the rounds up until that point so whether it was a DQ or a technical decision he was taking that L if the fight couldn't continue.

Now about to watch my main man Ugas though unfortunately I've already had the spoiler for that one but still I need to see how it unfolded!
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Dec 12, 2015
I live in a different house now and can't talk 'cos I've already had a shit load of noise complaints just from talking when gaming. I'll catch up another time.
You can't talk in your own friggin apartment?!