Priti Patel should be the next PM

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May 17, 2013
think about it...she ticks all boxes...
Zoro people claiming racism... she is not a white man who is open to being called that...
Maybe Boris would be a good interim PM... but she would be better..
Anyway... after we withdraw... new elections, new leaders... then we can all choose...


Vote Leave Take Control
Jun 2, 2012
There's more chance of plaiting piss.

She's way too right wing to win a Commons majority.
Jun 4, 2013
Fuck off!!!!!!!

Bitch called for foreign aid to be scrapped then did a complete u turn when she got put in charge of MP Perks.

I expected better from many of you tbh. She lacks moral fiber and that's the one thing you want in an MP. Reading the comments her is like the lambs singing the wolf's praises......