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May 16, 2013
I hate Rousey being a face. I can't stand her, so I'm just fine with cheering her being a monster heel like Lesnar. But she comes out with a big stupid goofy grin. It's ridiculous. WM this year is all about Becky anyway.

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Dave's WK ratings

Wrestle Kingdom 13 Gauntlet: Cobb/Finlay/Nagata vs. Page/Scurll/Yujiro 1.75
Cobb/Finlay/Nagata vs. Goto/Best Friends 3
Cobb/Finlay/Nagata vs. Suzuki/KES 1.5
Makabe/Taguchi/Yano vs. Suzuki/KES 3
Ibushi vs. Ospreay: 4.75
BUSHI & Takagi vs. Desperado & Kanemaru vs. Roppongi 3K: 3.25
Ishii vs. Sabre: 4.25
EVIL & SANADA vs. GoD vs. Young Bucks: 4
Cody vs. Robinson: 3
Ishimori vs. KUSHIDA: 3.5
Okada vs. White: 4.5
Jericho vs. Naito: 4.75
Omega vs. Tanahashi: 5.5

WWE Ratings:


Balor, Cena & Rollins vs. Ambrose, Lashley & McIntyre: 4


Almas & Joe vs. Ali & Mysterio: 4
The Usos vs. The Bar: 3.75
Carmella vs. Flair vs. Lynch: 3.5
Jul 18, 2012
my other other benz
Think Brock Balor will be bad for both of them like the Ambrose feud, would find it hilarious if Balor came out as the demon did his interpretive cat dance thing and then Brock suplexed him 10 times F5 pin though

Ive made the best gif ever out of the best promo ever

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Jun 14, 2012
This thread is slacking.

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I'm watching this while eating fries after dipping them in ketchup. Mmmm! Damn, I think I'll enjoy another order of fries, this time with BBQ sauce!