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Jul 18, 2012
my other other benz
Who can forget the forming of the NEW WORLD ORGANIZATION brother

Didnt get the ppv (did we even get WCW ppvs in the uk?) but I somehow knew about it before the next Nitro, remember being so fucking excited to watch it, the only time the invasion angles really been done well Ive seen and it was amazing.

They didnt even know if he was gonna go through with it on the day iirc, Sting was the backup if the didnt.

Do you know if meltzer really said mabel was going to be the 3rd man or is that bollocks
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May 14, 2013
Castle Duckula.
The thing is with the intergender matches is that if you are having Japanese wrestlers and guys like The Young Bucks going over male sized wrestlers then you can't have female wrestlers not beating the hell out of male wrestlers too. You can't create one line of believability and not another when it is based on the same principles.


Jul 17, 2012
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that match was pretty solid i think, sammy was obviously stronger and in his comfort zone, tessa only really got offence when he wasn't ready or whatever, and then he won by just easily picking her up and doing a move. lots of crowd reaction too. it could have been shorter with less kickouts, but it was the main event of a ppv.


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Jul 29, 2012
I know he's a legend but Heenan fucked up the turn with his "whose side is he on?" shit.
I think that post is genuinely the first time I've ever seen anyone criticise Heenan for that call but I think it's, by far, the worst call in wrestling history. It ruined the biggest heel turn of all time and the moment would have been so much better without it.

This is what kind of annoys me about the wrestling community, the people who are well liked are untouchable whereas those who aren't liked gets criticised no matter what. This is taking the point to an extreme level but think about Benoit and the praise and defence he still gets, it's bizarre considering that lesser wrestlers get blacklisted and hated for insignificant things. The reality is, if Benoit was as talented in the ring as, say, Bob Holly, nobody would ever come out with the lines about the state of his brain or whatever, he'd just never get mentioned unless it was purely about his infamy.

It's funny to think about that angle and how much wrestling has changed. If that happened today, everyone would be hating the fact that Hogan was the main guy, it'd be like Cena turning up as the mystery heel in AEW. The fans back then probably dreamed the mystery guy was going to be Eddie Guerrero or whoever, yet look how much money those three 'untalented' wrestlers made.

Going off on yet another tangent here but the nWo probably couldn't exist now because there's so few cool wrestlers around. The nWo were genuinely cool for a time but who is nowadays? I get all the criticism of booking and all that but if wrestling is to go back to being mainstream, there has to be cool wrestlers and there just isn't. People have been sucked into workrate being all important but the reality is, most people don't care about that, they'd rather watch Syxx act like a knob, Nash take the piss and Steiner rip people to shreds.
May 26, 2018
TNAs version of The Network, Cyrus and Rhyno re-united at Slammiversary in time for TNA's move to a new station...