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Jul 29, 2012
Meltzer is like a porn addict. He started off being happy with all natural girls, then moved onto lesbian stuff, eventually got into hardcore porn and now can't get off to anything other than amputee midgets being sick on each other. That passion for simplicity eventually goes and if a show today ever featured a match identical to Flair/Steamboat, he wouldn't give it 3* because it doesn't get him excited anymore, he needs that extreme level of gratification. It has to be instant and obvious, there can't be any 'foreplay', it has to be a '3 minute long highlight packages of girls getting their face jizzed' on for him to show interest.

The sad thing though, and why this actually matters far more than what the typical defence of Meltzer goes like, is that it isn't just his personal opinion, it's an opinion that wrestlers are perceptive of and will try to adhere to. If you're an indy wrestler, you're not going to get Meltzer's attention by putting on slow, technically sound matches but if he writes your name in the Observer because you had a wild match or did a crazy spot, that then means more bookings because of the weight of his status in the industry. Meltzer is possibly the most important person in indy wrestling for that reason, so when he rates spotfests above matches like Dusty/Blanchard, it's clear what direction he's sending the industry in. He's not just an spectator, people want to impress him and cater their matches around his personal standard, which isn't the way to go because Meltzer has a niche opinion, it's that of a tired 'seen it all before' expert on an industry and that's not who wrestling businesses should be targeting. Non-wrestling fans of today was a more nuanced, technical and psychologically sound product than Meltzer does, which is mad to think about considering that's what should matter far, far more than spots.
Jun 4, 2013
I think Meltzer is great, but he totally takes me out of it when he starts talking.

Bryan: "He's got stage 4 cancer! He's gonna die!"

Meltzer: "But he's not dead!"
Very boring to listen to this guy talk. No charisma to him whatsoever.
Jul 18, 2012
my other other benz
Hes good so much stuff that wouldnt be known and would just all be wrestler mythology bullshit is known because of Meltzer

Hes just totally gone mad with being a mark for a spotfest match last few years though its bizarre
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