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Freedom Fighter
May 14, 2013
Castle Duckula.
This week on AEW

PAC vs Trent Barretta in a very nice match that showed of both blokes, both look like wrestlers and carry themselves like not just anyone can do what they do. PAC calls out Hangman Page.

Cody comes out and lisps. Yawn after a bit. Jeez the crowd is into, camera pans the crowd, they should stop doing that. Remember the old World of Sport show that had loads of old grannies in the crowd and it felt embarrassing watching it because of that. Same thing here. Anyway he went on a bit, said he won't fight for the title again if he doesn't beat Jericho or something. I lost interest when he tried to cry.

Gimp Order come out. Fuck sake. They need a new look and no gimps with them. Facing them, Shitty Street Prophets. OK match.

Jericho skit a response to the emotional one Cody did with his family a couple of shows ago. Jericho needs an hair cut. Probably the most embarrassing looking guy in wrestling in 2019. Virgil here and the Hagger bit is funny, him not speaking. Glad that is over.

Women's match. Fat Freddie Mercury wins.

Tye Dillinger sits on a chair and is now called 'The Chairman'. This is what we are dealing with in AEW. He's facing jobber Cesaro. Everyone getting thrown into barriers tonight. Dillinger wins then is attacked by a chubby teenage girl. Tully Blanchard is cool.

Promo for Mox and Omega. Lights Out match apparently.

Main event. Hangman and Omega up against Shitty Sammy and Jerichold. Hangman and Omega are great. This match is better when those two are in the attack, when they are not it becomes a bit meh. Pac interferes making Sammy and Chris win. Pac goes away so Cody and MILF can help, oh and Moz is here. Throw enough shit at the wall booking, hope something sticks. Fucking hell LAX here and obviously Youg Bucks. Anyone else on the PPV want to run in? Gets better when Omega and Mox fight, almost too obviously. And it goes god just end please for the love of god.
Jul 18, 2012
my other other benz

Good god that Ambrose Omega match was fucking stupid

If youre gonna use toy barb wire probably dont use it so much and in such ways that it makes it obvious its plastic or whatever

8* for psychology from big dave?