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$800 undisputed LHW champ
After the Raw bloodbath, Rollins is in the middle of the ring to call a town hall meeting, circled by the rest of the Raw roster, and takes a dump on Orton, Charlotte, and Mysterio for losing, to which then entire roster walks out except Owens, to which Rollins called a "Lazy piece of crap". I guess this means Rollins is heel as Owens stuns him as he walks out of the ring



Jul 17, 2012
South London
where's the beef? i' didn't search for long but i didn't see anything even mildly offensive in what came up.

what's that cuadros guy up to these days? always preferred him in pride anyway.


Freedom Fighter
May 14, 2013
Castle Duckula.
AOP are great though. Have a awesome look, can be in good matches and actually look like guys you wouldn't want to fuck about with. Need the manager back though, that was a retarded move from Vince.