Pro Wrestling Thread


Freedom Fighter
May 14, 2013
Castle Duckula.
Jericho's body doesn't want to do it anymore. A shame, because I think his ability to do all the rest is as good or better than ever.

He's always been great. Not quite top level, but one of those interim world level guys. Thought he'd be a credible manager for someone now or used to enhance talent.
Jul 18, 2012
my other other benz
Havent watched this latest one but Jericho needs to stop trying so hard to keep up with all the young people and do all his spots hes always done through his career, hes nearly 50 ffs I think he can carry on wrestling for years yet but just needs to go more into old man flair/lawler type mode. Avoid the undertaker thing of attempting to have the best match on the card and embarrassing yourself.

Been thinking for some reason how would Russo book Lars Sullivan? Gay rapist bro?
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