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Jul 17, 2012
South London
reading sabu's book.

sheik was wrestling lou thesz, who doesn't like gimmicks and says if sheik tries his shit he'll break his legs.
they enter ring, go for lockup, sheik rolls out the ring, run out the building and digs himself a little snow cave under a bus.
they get much press and now thesz likes him coz he looked so tough that his opponent ran away.

prob not a 6 star match tho.


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Dec 6, 2019
The fiend kind of annoys me with how OP he is so it'd be hilarious if Goldberg squashed him, though it's also be terrible booking
Jan 13, 2020
The history of this sport is fascinating.

I mean.....Killer Kowalski.....ya gotta love it.

While it's ok today it would be better if the women went back to a minor role, they just get in the way. Way beyond......nice ass.
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Jul 17, 2012
South London
teddy hart was in jail for drugs and there's some weird stuff about a missing woman.

do aew do ppv's now? the ones before tv show started had good bits.

sabu's book was alrite, good stories and photos. the end has a thankyou list and a fuck you list :lol:, that was a new thing to me maybe wrestlers do it a lot. test dominated the fuck you list.
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May 14, 2013
Castle Duckula.

Try watching it if possible. Is it on in NZ?

The women's wrestling part of the show is a complete afterthought and stuck on for 'reasons'. It is incredibly poor for 2020.

Not enough actual wrestling, most of the wrestling is sub par or very poor. They have some great guys and some very poor guys. AEW has enough fantastic in ring performers that we should be treated to at least two top class matches per show, that isn't happening right now. Gimmicks overplay much of the actual wrestling on the show, not in a good 'different' way like Orange Cassidy. They seem to have written themselves into corners with several acts like the Inner Circle group and Cody who are very boring. Don't know how to end a match or protect a guy and have him lose still? Just have a run in and brawl. It just has nothing that really sets it apart right now. It has a 'same old, same old' feel to it.

We have guys with very poor gimmicks in time wasting embarrassing storylines like The Dark Order stuff, Darby Allin and the Cody/MJF stuff. MJF needs help to beat Jungle Boy from his 'helper'. Butcher and Blade a cool looking new tag team quickly turned into mild enforcers with no reasn to be on the show and walked through in silly quick fashion by Diamond Dallas Page for cheap pop. Everyone is built to be a mid carder. No one is built to be a star. Jericho looks very old and is doing his mid card talking stuff he had dome for several years in WWE but with no one credible to play off like he had with Kevin Owens. The same way Smackdown generally feels like it is going through the motions each week, the same is for AEW.

You don't have guys going out putting on a match and making you sit up and think jeez who are these guys, this is great.
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