Pro Wrestling Thread

Jun 4, 2013
never thought it would matter, but does in everything else so i guess it would in rasslin.
Supposedly, in Mexico, they do things from a different stance than American wrestlers. Corney talked about it when criticizing the Lucha Brothers.
Jun 4, 2013
What's up with the rocks daughters constant virtue signalling tweets and moaning, she's like 18 and done nothing in life yet...
Jun 4, 2013
Port de Wolvo
I don't watch a lot of Modern day WWE but what I've seen It seems alarmingly like WCW 2000-01 and the scripts are even worse than some of those Nollywood movies I've unfortunately watched over the years.

I find it incredible that millions of people around the world can sit through 5 hours of that dross week in week out those people would make a sadist blush.