Pro Wrestling Thread


Jul 17, 2012
South London

'when i was in smokey mountain we didn't do no drugs. in ecw, and i aint gonna mention no names cough sandman, i'm not, cough anthony pitbull, i'm not gonna but sabu, no names...bobby duncan, cough'

minutes later 'and i got paid with an ounce(was talking coke) i aint gonna say no names sandman, i aint gonna say no names shane douglas, no names pj'

'what's nubaine, hold on, that shit you? yeah kronus, chris candido and another guy, they ran out so they injected it and took the blood out and passed it to the next guy'(i have heard that story before somewhere without the names)


i guess don't do crime with new jack, not so good at keepin his mouth shut.

+ what he said about vic grimes backs up my view the the whole xpw thing was a work and vic just jumped to the wrong place
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