Question regarding this poster "Medicine"


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May 16, 2013
Yes. I had read the conversation between you two which had occurred after the last forum post.

He did not come home later that night, I left in the morning and did not see him leave. His car and keys are gone, blankets and pillow gone, toliet trees gone and his suitcase has been taken as well. He has no called and no showed for three days at his job and has been terminated from employment. He left his cell phone here which was shut off and did not have any recent calls and his computer was still here with two tabs open, one of this site and also a yahoo mail opened in a tab. I checked the posts on here and got a little nervous about what he had said before leaving.
Well, that's no good. Get in contact with the cops, that's grounds to file a missing person's report for sure.

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Jul 17, 2020
I only remember having one brief conversation with him on here, I got curious and browsed the post history, this dude has a history of going crazy and saying some off the wall shit about wars and conspiracies and even at times stating he was on every drug under the sun. You ever noticed something was off while living with him?
Jun 4, 2013
You're fucking with us. I must've missed that post. I hope this is an Abraham moment. Medicine is a good dude. If you are fucking with us, please don't do that, man. Anyways, I hope everything goes well, and this is just a joke. If not, I hope this site wasn't the last straw. I think the lot of you take this place far too serious. I know we've "known" each other more than 10+ years in some cases, but I don't think an online forum is life. I just use this place between study sessions and to vent.

Yeah, so I just have to say that. You motherfuckers need to figure out how to let this place go if it's pushing you towards an unhealthy breaking point.
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May 19, 2013
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Tony(Medicine) was already at a breaking point. I had him move in with me back in March, he and his fiance split up last July and he went down hill very quickly. He has been using cocaine and other drugs heavily since he moved in and has been showing signs of being mentally unwell such has trying to convince me the government is watching him through his computer. He has writing all over his wall in his room of escape plans and other things of that nature.

Me and my wife have contaced his mother and father and we are determining what steps to take to find him or get him back.

This is a public talk forum so I will not continue to share information, this was the only thing we could find out of his belongings and on his computer to see where he might have gone.

Thank you and stay safe,

You wouldn't believe the real life shit that some posters have got involved with here and the site we came from, so most of us will be sceptical of your posts and that you're not Medicine himself messing around.

That said, if you're not messing around, call the police already.