Question regarding this poster "Medicine"

Aug 2, 2013
This fucking idiot....My god..... I can see all the shit he said in the quotes from everyone else.... What an absolute fucking shit head... Came on here of all fucking places.

Alright, where do I start.....

Thank you Haggis, but I was fine.


Mexi, I am glad you were worried but come on pal....... you really think I am someone to go ape shit over CHB?

I swear to fucking god...If this idiot Reagor turns out to be a bust I will personally show up at Howie's house and beat him with a spiked bat.

Im not running from shit...Biden is going the fuck down... I am already gathering the most shit poll pictures I can find that you will be rockin for the next fucking year.

Now, first things first... I have a new job lined up so fuck that shit about being terminated... I FUCKING QUIT!...
I dont give two fucks about that stupid bitch I was with and I hope she OD's somewhere. Last but not least, I am not fucking crazy....But if shit pops off with this civil war AND SHIT WILL POP OFF WITH THE CIVIL WAR....I will be prepared, nothing wrong with being prepared.
And last of all, I just needed a few days to clear my head with nobody bothering me so I took off, went to a motel some where outside of Allentown and got drunk, did coke and fucked a few hookers for 2 days..Big fuckin deal...nothing wrong with that.
Don't tell me you used skipthegames for those Allentown hookers lol