Quick healthy snack idea


Prize prick!!
Jun 4, 2012
Salt, pepper and garlic aren't spices.

Yeah, I'm THAT guy.

Because you are roasting them, so they come out nice and crunchy

if you did it for 3 minutes, they'd just be fucking normal cooked beans
Personally, I don't cook them at all, I just dress them with spices, chilli, coriander and lime. Not a fan of 'crunchy' beans; IMO crunchy = massively overcooked!

Yeah, until a couple of days before. I make the weight easy.
'Brown' pasta though yeah?
Jun 3, 2012
Get chicken or steak, slice, 1 chilli , half a pepper, quarter of an onion, fry meat with sliced chilli, when meat is almost done throw in peppers onion and a bit of el paso smokey bbq seasoning shiz,

Lovely and only takes 10 mins.:eekbama
Apr 30, 2013
Well,I am here and read out all the ideas about the healthy snacks. So i like the vegetables snacks because it is the best source to get energy.Vegetables snacks so good for the weight loss of the body....
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