Reason Tyson Fury split with Uncle Fury

Sep 5, 2018
Wasteman Strikes Back.. Probably the most self-congratulatory YouTube Boxing account from the UK. Has been funny to hear him dump Matchroom and Joshua though. He and Sporting Icons didn't take the defeat as bad as I thought they might. Beats is a hypocrite who initially took it hard, but the best was YB - The Last LDBC Slayer.. man is out here coming up with conspiracy theories and almost crying about Fury saying bad things about Juiceshua.

On topic, Tyson made the best choice. Peter is overrated in my eyes. Tyson has shown he didn't need Peter in the Wilder fight. He also made the best choice to leave Mick Hennessey. Mick seems to be a good manager as opposed to promoter. He had the BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and SKY over the past eighteen years and never made much of a dent in the UK. Eddie and Frank took his fighters to the next level.