Regis Prograis (WBA) vs. Josh Taylor (IBF) - October 26th 2019

Prograis vs. Taylor Winner and How?

  • Regis Prograis Stoppage

    Votes: 11 32.4%
  • Regis Prograis Decision

    Votes: 4 11.8%
  • Draw

    Votes: 1 2.9%
  • Josh Taylor Decision

    Votes: 17 50.0%
  • Josh Taylor Stoppage

    Votes: 1 2.9%

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Oct 24, 2014
North of the world
Ill post my first reaction tgat cones to mind and ill go Taylor by decision.

I think Taylor would be the longer rangier man probably judges the distance better and thats the main thing that seperates them for me.

Prograis arguably hits harder than Taylor on the flipside.

Taylor Decision


Prize prick!!
Jun 4, 2012
Get Hooker on to lead into another unification afterwards.
Jul 6, 2019
Good news for Taylor. A bit of added pressure, but all things considered you would rather have the home advantage.

I hope it's at the Hydro again, but they might try get a bigger venue.
Reactions: dkos
Jun 20, 2012
Hmm Taylor is class but so is Prograis...Prograis tight decision
Just watched the WBSS fights again and I'm changing my pick to Taylor. Really hard to choose, there is a huge amount of talent between them and I'm really looking forward to seeing the fight.
Jun 20, 2012
I hope this isn't the last WBSS. They've put on some excellent fights but they seem to have struggled to get the big international broadcasters to buy into the series. I think they should change the platform to online only, run it themselves and allow customers from any country to pay by the fight (premium charge) or buy the entire series at a discount.