Respect to British Boxing Referee's and Officals.

Aug 26, 2013
Not a common theme on boxing forums, but I thought I would share this story and give some respect and acknowledgement to the men who officiate the sport we watch and enjoy...

Leaving our seats at the O2 arena, fully expectant of the result soon to be annouced, we took one last glance towards the ring and saw Victor Loughlin raise the hand of Vasyl Lomachencko whilst the anouncer declared him the winner by majority decision.

Through the crowds and down the stairs, we said our goodbyes to mates who had to travel further afield that night to get home. Those of us remaining went back to the Slug and Lettuce bar for a few post fight drinks.

Still reasonably empty, with majority of the crowd still yet to make it out of the arena, we approach the almost empty bar and order our drinks. To the right of me at the far end of the bar is a gentleman handing over a £50 pound note in payment for his round of drinks.

"How on earth did you get here before us!" I call across to him.

"I wasn't going to hang around, I needed a drink!" replied Scottish referee Victor Loughlin.

He then happily answered our questions, the most interesting response being his answer to my question. "What was he [Loma] like to watch up close?"

He replied that although he was clearly a great fighter, he was expecting to be more dazzled and amazed than he was. He went on to say that Luke had done really well to prevent Loma performing to his best but the punches that Loma was landing were really hard solid shots.

Later that evening, Robert Smith (Head of the BBBofC) walked past our table and I asked him 'How did Victor get to the bar before we did?' his instant reply was, 'Because he was Scottish!'

After a quick chat, Robert Smith returned about 20 minutes later with referee Howard Foster and ceremoniuosly handed him over as an offering, saying do your worst lads.

Foster to his credit was very game and took our questions and comments in good humour. He did say that George Groves has forgiven him and that they are on good terms now, but he still gets a lot of grieve from fans.

I had also met a number of refs (inc. Victor Louglin) in a hotel bar after the GGG v Brook fight and as with last Saturday night they were all a good laugh and very approachable. Many of them gave a friend of mine who runs a Boxing Club, lots of trinkets to give to the kids in his gym (Press passes, Scorecards etc...).

Decent blokes and like I said before doesnt get said much on boxing forums.