Retired Parkland deputy arrested, charged with 11 counts of cowardice for failing to confront a school shooter. Faces 100 years in prison. Moral?

Which is closest to the sort of sanctions should this guy face?

  • Prison

  • Kicked off the force, no pension

  • Kicked off the force, pension intact

  • The public shame and disgrace is punishment enough

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complete and utter prick
Jun 11, 2013
'Straya, cunt.
Good work, Dale! You actually managed to make a post about the topic at hand for once, you fucking retard. :happy

Why don’t you give us a rundown from the perspective of the sick in the head gunman, you did plan to go through with a school shooting, after all?
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May 19, 2013
Haggis planed a school massacre, with his boyfriend, on their school but aborted plans because his boyfriend topped himself. That’s why he had to leave to New Zealand, apparently, @Tuff Gong and @VinoVeritas along with a heap of other ESB lounge dwellers will be able to go into it more in depth.
What? Where'd you hear this?
Nov 14, 2015
Whats this now?
Haggis planed a school massacre, with his boyfriend, on their school but aborted plans because his boyfriend topped himself. That’s why he had to leave to New Zealand, apparently, @Tuff Gong and @VinoVeritas along with a heap of other ESB lounge dwellers will be able to go into it more in depth.
What? Where'd you hear this?
He told the story on ESB mate.
Yep, @Haggis is one sick puppy.

@Crean ask him if it's true. I bet he ignores your question.
Nov 4, 2015
The country is not heading to a civil war at all, and you're overestimating how much the average person cares about politics on a day to day basis.
I don't think the average person cares about politics insomuch as they care about their money (or lack of). Politics and finances in this way are entwined. When progressives decided to start a cultural revolution focused on taking money from others politics became a problem everyone needed to be clued in on.

Besides the cultural divide between poor, working and upper class neighborhoods I spoke of earlier the untenable reality is that urban America is forcing its way into suburbia and rural America. Forcing their way through programs like ACA. The latter of which are done with it. Cord cutting, dropping Hollywood like a rock (25 year low), mainstream media numbers in the dumpster and internet media is on the rise. These are all signs of the coming storm. The entire Youtube fight recently was over the growing threat of internet media to mainstream media.

Money is going to be the fuse in the dynamite. Always was really. When well-meaning Americans fled social experiments in urban America they did so believing that these problems could be outrun. The truth is they couldn't. They are problems that need to be addressed. Because ACA was just the canary in the coal mine. Be ready for new deals like the trash new green deal, a revisit to ACA, hell probably even a bachelor tax sometime in our lifetime. The left is absolutely gearing up to replace conservatism and frugality with runway tax and spend policies that are favorable to their base. Ordinarily when these things get written into law the wealthiest have say in the room, so the people who get fucked are 2 or 3 brackets down. Eventually the crazy runs out of money to spend and the social project that had been kindling for years ignites.

What that looks like is two very untenable programs crashing into insolvency. Social Security and Medicare without serious tax increases or benefits cut will be dead in the water within 10 years. SS might be a little more than 10 years but not much more. If SS goes insolvent and those retirees lose their benefits they will immediately fall on welfare benefits thus breaking that system. Then everything collapses like dominoes. These programs shaped people and culture for so long that cavity in responsibility is enormous. It's summarized in the savings of Americans being at an all time low. There's no question that people worked their lifestyles out considering these programs and when they collapse a lot of those people will be hurting. Some 80% live paycheck to paycheck. No savings to speak of. If they can hold a job at 70 they're lucky. We're talking about people who will absolutely be working until they die. However more and more it's looking like younger Americans are going to be accepting harder truths than before. People in their 30s and 40s who've been paying into these programs for decades will now lose out entirely. That will not sit well.

The economy has a lot of interdependent relationships. Some of those things people don't see. Like the rise in the job market being glued to the fact Americans aren't saving. They're all one downturn away from bankruptcy and so are their jobs. Because in bankruptcy nobody is buying. And so things have accelerated in this direction through unreasonable expectations, growing unreasonably for decades. These social experiments are everywhere in healthcare, education, housing and even the food industry. If all these social programs collapse there is going to be an enormous market shift that will cut a lot of jobs.

Right now I'd say 10 years, max. Because once they get to talking about medicare and SS someone is going to take that pain on the chin. It's either going to be retirees or working people and probably on both programs. Taxes going up and benefits being delayed even later than 65, probably 70. 70 is a horrible time to be looking for work, btw.

There's way too much for me to do justice to it here. As said I've got years of knowing all these people and the system that governs them. I can respect someone having a different opinion but I hope it's one that has thought this through. At least if you intend to reside somewhere in urban America over the next 10 years.
Nov 14, 2015
Great song that, just a pity the Brokeback Columbineers associated it with their sick festivities.

That's okay though, The Who are a more powerful force than Haggis & his dead, queer mate so the song will live on.
You're not wrong, great song. The Rudder probably hasn't heard it for a long time. Let's hope it doesn't trigger some old memories.