Ricky Burns

Jul 6, 2019
His career would've rocketed had he beaten Figueroa, though. IIRC, I scored it for him even with the most corrupt ref on the planet was overseeing the fight. Was a shitshow to watch.
Yeah, he didn't do too badly once he moved to Hearn. Continued to get shots and won some more belts.

The two big downsides were:

1. Warren sued him and Burns ended up bankrupt.

2. He was encouraged to move from Nelson to Jimmy Tibbs and I think his performances dropped.

I can't remember how I scored the Figueroa fight. I think I had burns losing a close decision.

It's a very suspect fight though. The ref was terrible, the judging was awful, and Figueroa looked half dead on the scales, yet came in looking full of energy.

A lot of the UK press and pundits who attended think some funny business went on with the weight loss and rehydration.

Ricky had a dodgy home town decision against Beltran though, so he can't complain too much.