Ronnie "Jumped the Shark" Clark: A Thread About Threats, Tea, Sardinia, LEGO and Chorizo

Jun 11, 2012
I think we possibly floated the idea of Mercmans midlife crisis on here when discussing Boxrec.

I just think he's a weapons grade fucknugget
It has become even worse. Mercman clearly cannot stand me as I dwarf him intellectually, and he has a weird hatred of Manchester, but he is now banning people for asking if posters can be reinstated. He has also been caught out on a lie after claiming he had not banned a poster on a whim then reinstated him later that night. People are booted from BoxRec who do not agree with his schoolboy politics or fawn all over him. You pretty much have to keep under his radar to continue to post there.

Putting his ongoing midlife crisis to one-side, I think there are also mental issues at work here and I've been asking people if they are comfortable with someone like this having (and this is at a minimum) access to ISPs, email addresses and possibly other things. Cutting down the traffic over there suits him as he keeps a few carefully selected strawmen to beat on and seems petrified of anyone in the trade posting, and a few have told me that they give the site a swerve because of him.

Anyway, I took a screenshot of some mod logs that someone sent me and he has clearly been caught out in a lie. Please feel free to RT if you get a moment so we can continue to make BoxRec aware of this idiot:

I wouldn't post on BoxRec if I was told they were the last words I'd ever write, but some people have been there 10+ years and see it as a community, one that has been hijacked by an absolute bellend of a man who also makes up 'offensive DMs' when issuing a ban and may have fabricated a stalker.

It is weird.
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