Saint Jacinda Places Auckland In Lockdown


May 24, 2013
Emain Macha
Neither the Brexit vote nor any of the UK general elections over the last decade have received such confirmation. I look forward to you calling for Britain to rejoin the EU and Boris to resign.
There is no need to rub salt into the open sores of our chubby funster, Ernie, on a day when his pain is prodigious and palpable.

Indeed, it borders on crass cruelty to poke and pummel the paunchy potbelly when he is already suffering the sad sorrows of jaded jealousy over Jacinda's joyful victory over the rightists down under.

Cast your mind's eye into the future, and fervently pray that Ernie is no longer with us on that fateful day when the United Kingdom of England and Wales makes application, on bended knee, to rejoin the EU.