Seattle no police zone...gets a warlord after one day LOL

Nov 14, 2015
You don't pay attention and if I gave you the following list of names:


And then the following list of jobs:

Attorney General
Secretary of State
Secretary of Education
Chief of Staff
Secretary of the Treasury

Could you even match the first name to the last name, let alone match the name to the job?

You'd be guessing pretty quickly, wouldn't you.


Obama was a centre right corporatist who spent basically all of his two terms watering down all the policies that he proposed, in order to embarrassingly try to compromise with people who didn't believe he was even born in America.

But at least he could give an example of a book he's read sometime in his entire adult life. The fact that the current US President can't, and you think that's nothing and doesn't matter and is fine, is mindblowing to me.

What do you think about Obama's cabinet having been selected by Citibank?


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Jul 24, 2012
Slightly off topic, but a worthy addition to this epic thread IMO:

They’re out of their minds, even the faux-outrage and the way they word their tweets makes me want to vomit.

The attempt to control every single part of our lives through social media shaming of companies, institutions and media. Telling that the CNN guy was chiming in too.

Guess what you fuckos, Dominos brand and sales will not be affected one iota and these companies need to get to the point they understand this and don’t fear the mob.
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Jul 29, 2012
FFS, Steven sounds like a fucking child and the place is in chaos but yeah great display of a legitimate form of protest here.

This is the reality of what your world would be if we clicked our fingers and people like Bachafach instantly had power.
I watched a documentary last night which had a fair bit about Lenin on it and it made me think...obviously these off shoots of Marxism have long been debunked by anyone credible, but even if you assume it was true for the times, their argument doesn't apply today anyway, because of the massive improvements in the quality of life for the 'workers'. People like Bachafach will sing the praises of Marx, Lenin, Stalin etc., as being pioneers for the system they'd love to see brought in...but Lenin wasn't living in 2020 Seattle or London when he came to the conclusion that 'workers needed more rights'. No, he was living in bleak, miserable post-revolution Russia where the average citizen had nothing.

To think that a man like Marx was a commendable historical figure, as many do, is one thing, but it's another thing to think any part of his doctrine applies today, when people have more freedom, more opportunity and a higher quality of life than ever before, is bizarre. Marxism no longer applies in the west, it's an argument for historical states or, at a push, third world nations. It's worrying that so many people - including in the BLM movement - think that Marxism should be applicable to today, when the situation between 2020 and when these doctrines were put out is so vastly different.

At the very best, Marxism was an answer for it's time. It clearly isn't appropriate anymore. Marxism in 2020 would be a massive regression in human rights and equality, which is why things like CHAZ instantly end up infringing human rights too.

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Jun 10, 2013
Another (fatal) shooting in the vicinity of the Chop. The article isn't consistent as to whether this was actually "in" or just "near" the zone.

1 man killed, another injured in shooting near Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ zone Monday morning
One man was killed and another is in critical condition after a shooting in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood Monday morning.

The Seattle Police Department is investigating a deadly shooting near the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” (CHOP) zone Monday morning.
Seattle police tweeted about the shooting near 12th Avenue and East Pike Street in Capitol Hill around 3:45 a.m. Police tweeted there were reports of two people injured.



Jul 17, 2012
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