Shakur Stevenson vs. Felix Caraballo thread (first fight card during corona)

Jun 6, 2013
His amateur record wasn't amazing and a lack of a decent pedigree tends to show if you move too fast in the pros.
I'm not surprised to hear this.
I just saw (Youtube surfing) that he fought Makhmudov in the World Series of Boxing. That fight isn't listed on Boxrec.
I won't spoil the result, but Guido wasn't exactly awe-inspiring. (Granted, Makhmudov is very VERY dangerous, and not exactly untalented, either.)
- but Guido did prove he can really take a punch, at least.

Worth a look:

With his speed and athleticism, Vianello just needs the right trainer to help find his proper approach to the pros.
I'm not sure Abel Sanchez is the right guy for the job, but time will tell ......