Shobox Haney vs Ndongeni

Oct 22, 2012
Vera stepping it up and is eating Cervera up. This is a shutout, and Cervera's corner might want to consider throwing in the towel.
Aug 26, 2017
Is is very slick and accurate. He seems to have more power than his record indicates, but he doesn't really commit to hard punches.
I missed the fight, but I've seen the Villa fight since, and i was impressed by him. He fought an intelligent fight against a potentially dangerous opponent', moving well and picking his shots. I agree with your assessment that Villa could sit down on his punches more, and there may be more to come in terms of power. I still wonder if Villa is a bit too slow for top level, and maybe a bit too easy to hit, although he's still learning. I made a thread about Villa, but I'm not sure if there was much interest at this stage (posters on here seem to be more interested in KHan v Brook or Fury/Whyte, god knows why, than young upcoming talents, but there you go, that's the way it is.) :think:think:verysad
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