Smokin' Bert Cooper Has Passed Away

Jun 2, 2013
Perhaps one of the worst decisions ever made in combat sports, when a debuting Joe Savage decided to take on Cooper...

What a total mismatch.

The most farce about this whole fight - is not the obvious easy dismantling that World Class Bert Cooper dished out to this bum.........

But the thing I find most laughable..........

Joe Savage - a guy who has spent his etire life living off cans of coke - eating fish and chips from the local chippie - and ice cream and choclate cake for desert - and because he beat a few members of the general public down the local park in a bare knuckle fight after a few cans of cider..........

He actually though he belonged in the same ring as Bert Cooper and could beat him.

He actually called out Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson - but his challenge was not taken seriously so it didnt happen.

But Bert Copper offered him the chance to prove himself.................and the joker took the fight.
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Aug 2, 2013

I remember when Cooper knocked out that hype job Richie Melito in the first round. That was pure comedy. As was mentioned, you also can’t forget his war with Michael Moorer. He almost had Moorer out of there in round 1.
Oct 22, 2012
Cooper could have been the one of the greatest Cruiserweight champions if he had the desire. He could have been a very good Heavyweight, too. He was good as long as he was frontrunning, but he didn't have the desire to dig very deep. He His heart could be taken away. He was a favorite of mine, but I knew his limitations. R.I.P.