SNV's Sanctioned GTMSBT: An Open Filmic Warrior Competition: Iffy Fish Jay Not Nuff Wins World's Slowest Shootout!

Jun 3, 2012
Oh, God, I wish I knew, man. I think you...may have passed Bone...? Is that possible?
Nooo. I was only on 8/9 before this year, so just a case of adding this year onto that.

(I’d scroll back and find it but I’m on mobile and it’s a pain! )

Boogle McDougal

Jun 8, 2012
And you became a fan for life of what after watching various versions of Cruising?
Truth be told, Cruising didn't have that much of an effect on me. I don't even think it's that great, but it's still essential Friedkin. Honestly, I enjoyed The Brinks Job more and nobody talks about that movie.