So, about those statues


ANTIFA *funded by Soros*
Dec 6, 2019
Varaždin, Hrvaška
Why has it got to insinuate that the black fella & the Indian bloke are subjugated to Roosevelt?

perhaps it’s just an indication that they are all walking along together & Theodore is just a lazy fucker & he needs a horse.
Aye, doubly offensive as the real Roosevelt woulda caried all three up a mountain with one arm whilst choking out a grizzly with the other
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Sittin Sonny

Jun 10, 2013

BLM protests: Wisconsin state senator attacked after taking photo of demonstrators, reports say

MADISON, Wis. — A group of people reportedly attacked a Wisconsin state senator Tuesday night after he photographed demonstrators outside the state Capitol.
According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, state Sen. Tim Carpenter, a Democrat, was headed to work at the Capitol in Madison when he snapped a picture of protesters gathered outside the building.
"The next thing, I'm getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head," Carpenter told the newspaper.

On Tuesday night, demonstrators pulled down the “Forward” statue and dumped another, a depiction of Union Col. Hans Christian Heg, into a nearby lake, the news outlets reported. Heg was an abolitionist, the Journal Sentinel reported.

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