So long, and thanks for all the.....

Apr 19, 2014
There have been some truly strange individuals on these boards. Tony, Popkins, Haggis, Johnstown etc.

I really do love it.
He was one of those guys who seemed to take trivial things like a boxing discussion on a forum personal and would go on vendettas and shit, just too much effort this is supposed to be a recreational thing at the end of the day but some people just get nasty and bitter. Not surprised to find out he spent his spare time arguing with himself online, his Calzaghe hatred always was intense but fuck me
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Dec 21, 2017
All the best @Jay
From a mainly OTHer now, and occasional CHB lurker, it was a fucking good forum and hopefully goes from strength to strength

Do you want @Roe back to help with the admin?
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Jul 25, 2012
Ok ok ok, I’ll buy this joint.

How does 350 irish pounds sound?