So, two fights I was really looking forward to ended up being VERY one-sided


Doggy Style!
Jun 6, 2013
Xiamen, China
But am I disappointed? Not one bit. In Frankie Gavin, I am finally convinced for sure that his head is in the right place, and we all know his talent, he could yet fulfill that golden promise! And as for GGG, well, Froch-GGG is one hell of a fight for 2014, and I never thought I'd be truly excited about a Ward fight, but GGG-Ward intrigues me so. Both fights would answer SO MANY questions about ALL THREE men, roll on 2014! Eddie/Ward's new people, please don't fuck this up for me!


Gavin has finally won me over aswell. He answered the questions that needed answering moving forward. I have been ultra critical of him in the past but that will stop now. I just neeed to see actions rather than words from him and his fans.

Golovkin, I just can't see who will beat this guy at Middleweight. You would have thought Macklin was a journeyman and Golovkin was a world class fighter in a tune up if you were not aware of who both men are.