So, what book are you currently reading?

Jun 1, 2013

Written in 1981 it's a reissue onto the mass paperback market with slight tweeking by the author. You can see why this one was chosen because it deals with the 1979 election and the UK's involvement with the EU as a backdrop. It's a duel narrative between an assassin that travels to Brussels to kill 2 men and a reporter from Scotland who has just been posted to Brussels and finds himself caught in the middle of the assassination, with both having to deal with the only witness to the crimes, the autistic daughter of one of the victims. It became a bit of a slog towards the end as it has no real sense of atmosphere and the protagonist (the reporter) is increasingly unlikable as he seems to shit on everybody he deals with, while the assassins narrative tails off into an unsatisfactory conclusion. It would probably take a strong blurb on the back if I were to pick up another of his books.


May 16, 2013
Sorrow of War - Bảo Ninh (Viet-Kong perspective if war)

Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Born to Run - Christopher McDougall (Mexican tribe ultra marathon runners)


Jul 17, 2012
South London
chasm city. offshoot book from the revelation space series. 6.5/10, solid story and ending but there were 3 main plots and 1 of them coulda just been a few flashbacks rather than many whole chapters.
I know he fucked the last book of the main series because of deadlines from the publisher, this time i feel he had a min word limit, wrote an 8/10 book called chasm city, then added a bunch of words to hit the limit.
Jun 1, 2013

Bailed with about a third to go, over convoluted with too many overlapping plots from previous books. I could deal with the premise that the protagonist was a functioning alcoholic but the level of drinking in this was a ridiculous set up for a mystery/thriller that doesn't have any other decent or interesting characters. The breaking point came when there wasn't any actual detective work and the protagonist gets his big break by taking drugs and the answer coming to him in a vision, deus ex machina style.