So when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?


Scaredy Bat
Nov 16, 2012
I wanted to be a fighter pilot but didn't get anywhere near that, next was motorcycle racer which I did achieve, didn't make anything out of it though.
Jun 10, 2014
Forces,was never any doubt really.

The old fella was in 14 years and most of his side all served so kind of natural thing to do.


Scaredy Bat
Nov 16, 2012
Oh yeah there was also a brief spell where I wanted to be a pursuit copper because at the time they were driving tuned up Sierra Cossies but then they replaced them with the fucking Focus :bart
Jul 9, 2012
No idea, I don't think i ever thought that far ahead.
I grew up loving footy (still do) but even when I was in pro teams youth systems I can't ever remember seriously seeing it as a future career.
I remember knowing id just get a trade when I left school by the time I was in secondary school though, maybe 14/15. Not exactly a dream just knew that would be the reality and it is.
Jun 3, 2013
First wanted to be a footballer but I gave up on that age 14 I guess. Then I wanted to be a sports journalist, I wanted a job at the sun if I'm honest. I was young and didn't understand all the politics and everything back then. Then I wanted to be a sports psychologist for some reason.

Wouldn't mind doing some writing still, even for some online boxing publication or whatever. I have my name to a few blog posts for companies so it would be cool to get some sort of portfolio going.
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Sep 17, 2012
When I was real young like 5, I wanted to be either a power line worker or construction worker (they got to use cool shit like cherry pickers). Then my mom explained that it would be cool and I could work at all times of the year, like during rain and snow storms.

At 8 or 9, MLS player after I met Cobi Jones. Still one of my favorite soccer players to ever live.

at 14-15, I watched Wall Street and some other movies/documentaries on banking. And I wanting to get whores and blow decided banking was a great way to accomplish this goal. And I’ve been involved with high level finance ever since. P.s. the whores and blow portion of the job is vastly over stated.


Jun 3, 2012
Animal care taker, I wanted to work in a zoo, had millions of animal books as a kid, still kinda wanna do that honestly but obviously there's not that many openings for work at a zoo... I also had a period where I pretended and played I was a chimpanzee I came closer to that honestly...